Sunday drivers

I know I get road rage but I guess my truck has a stupid magnet..

Infinity sedan in front of me pulls forward when light turns green then stops. I go around and they cut to the right and hop on the curb.

Not even a block later a black BMW sedan with flashers on is pulling slowly around the roundabout and last second cuts hard to take the bridge on ramp and then coasts up the ramp with his phone in hand. Light turns green and he doesn’t go. I use my buzzer, he pulls forward 10 feet then gets out to take a photo from the bridge but isn’t puuled forward enough to let people between him and the barrier. So I hold the buzzer and a cop shows up and the guy tries to laugh it off, he just wanted to get a picture. So the coo has him pull forward to give him a ticket and let me pass.

Exiting the bridge fire trucks are coming. Traffic doesn’t care. Fire truck screeches to a stop and a second, they had to wait for a green for people to move. I’m watching from across the intersection, so much shade was thrown at them…

I follow the fire trucks from a safe distance and they get stuck at 2 more lights….

Fire trucks are going to a church but people are still driving up like nothing is going on.

I pass the church and go back towards where I was going. A cop and a worse than my truck truck are neck and neck at the light in front of me. The truck didn’t go when the light turned green and the cop sat and watched them and then used his PA to let the truck know the light was green to which he slammed on the gas and the mountain of junk in his bed shifted and some tumbled out so then the cops lights go on and he stops…

I finally got my smoothie but now I have to make it home.

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