Going pee on a plane before take off. Door clearly has occupied sign. Person bangs on door anyway. Me yelling GO AWAY! BAITIN! Means flight gets delayed and I meet tsa. YouTubing that line from Idiocracy got me out of trouble but they said it wasn’t funny. I held back from saying no one has […]

Dolphins have strong, flexible penises capable of grabbing you. That’s right. Dolphin penises, which can reach lengths of 14 inches, are capable of grabbing you by the arm and pulling you underwater. In fact, some dolphins are known to drag humans down to underwater rape caves where they can have some privacy. Scuba divers have […]

How a Pimp’s Android Pattern Lock Foiled the Feds

How a Pimp’s Android Pattern Lock Foiled the Feds The FBI seems to be having a bit of trouble accessing electronic evidence lately. First there was the case of the forgotten encryption key, and now the Bureau is unable to prosecute a notorious San Diego pimp because they can’t break his Android’s screen lock. While […]

generalelectric: Every machine has its own acoustic signature – a precise frequency that indicates whether that machine is operating at peak performance. GE engineers monitor and record these sounds to perform real-time diagnostics on airplane engines, locomotives, power turbines, and medical equipment. Musician Matthew Dear and GE Acoustics Engineer Andrew Gorton teamed up to collect […]

I’m not sure what movie I’m watching but I really want them to remake it with the races reversed. A movie with a white dad angry about his white daughter bringing home a black guy. Because that would be OK to release without an incident.