Yesterday I changed my Twitter, superpj, account password to a 10 character alphanumeric password. Deleted all allowed api’s and apps. Only added Facebook & Tumblr. My account requires an authorization code that is texted to a special Google voice number that’s not shared. The only way that I’m getting this text message is because my […]

Odaiba Ekiden Festival(run with Hooters Girls) [Open] Sat Apr 12 [Time] Venue opens from 9am, runs start from 10.10am [Admission] Entrance free, registration ¥15,000/team for the Ekiden, ¥2,000/3,500 for the solo runs, ¥1,000 for the kids’ run [URL] [Twitter] odaiba_ekiden [Venue] Symbol Promenade Park [Address] Daiba 1-2, Ariake 2-3, Aomi 1-2, Koto-ku, Tokyo [Transport] Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai line)

Today, March 14th, is White Day in Japan…. It means a second valentines day that boys treat girls like a princess. (February 14th is the day girls treat their guy like a king) It’s also Blow Job and Steak Day in the States. I need to find a lady that’s happy with beer.