iPad Air

After having my iPad Air, also my first iPad ever,for 1 week I figured I would share my experience. Now unlike my android tablet this actually has a good battery life. By good I mean I took it off the charger Monday morning and used it as my primary computer for the entire week. I […]


A few months ago I was in New Orleans.  I took with me a phone, an extra shirt, 15m of rope and headphones.  I was walking around in the morning and found a guy sleeping on the ground.  He looked well kept and just partied too hard.  I gave him a bottle of water and […]

Music on hold stops. Asked for my case number. I then hear people arguing in Hindi and a door opers ‘Mr Patel Mr Patel we need your help!“ Something yelled and a slam. "Hello sir this is Edward Irudayaraj with Dell Sonicwall Tier 3 support, how may I assist you today?”