iPad Air

After having my iPad Air, also my first iPad ever,for 1 week I figured I would share my experience. Now unlike my android tablet this actually has a good battery life. By good I mean I took it off the charger Monday morning and used it as my primary computer for the entire week. I used a standard computer when efficiency was needed or working with office documents. iWork will never be a substitute for Microsoft Office. Please understand this apple and go back to making computers.

I’ve been using the following apps for the last 5 days:
•Apple Mail(exchange email set to pull messages instantly)
•Google Chrome(sync bookmarks for managed services)
•Spiceworks HD(support tickets)
•LogMeIn(remote access)
•Evernote(cloud sync notes)
•iPRTG(server stat tool)
•Fing(network utility)
•vSphere Client(admin ESXi servers)

Also tried Photo Booth to make faces at a cute girl

All things considered I’m pleased with the device. It’s come a long way and as annoying as the slogan is there is an app for everything I need.

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