soulesspower: homiesexual42: the-fandoms-are-cool: the-fandoms-are-cool: leradny: videohall: Astronaut readjusts to life back on Earth > Don’t give him a baby for a while. HE GRABS THE CUP BUT THEN HE DROPS THE PEN 0.0003 SECONDS LATER AND HE LOOKS UP AT THE CEILING INSTEAD OF AT THE GROUND WHEN HE CAN’T FIND THEM I CAN’T STOP […]

Today will be your least productive day ever. – Airbags – Airline food – Asphalt – Bacon – Bagels – Balloons – Beef jerky – Bowling balls – Canned corn – Cereal – Chains – Ciggarettes – Coffee – Coloured pencils – Croissants – Cutlery – Doritos […]

Kraft Foods is pulling its Macaroni & Cheese dinners off shelves because of metal fragments. Read more: