China’s 3G phone market share.

22.75% – Samsung11.70% – Coolpad10.92% – Huawei10.21% – ZTE9.28% – Apple4.14% – Motorola3.95% – Nokia 2.82% – HTC  To be honest the only one that seems out of place to me is Nokia.  But we all know why Nokia has plummeted from the king of cellphones all over the world to the crapshute we have today.  While Samsung, Coolpad, Huawei, […]

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After spending 10 hours in their native environment I’ve learned a few things. Hippies, for the most part prefer unkept beards, females do shave their arm pits. A select few drink water out of urinals. I also have recently demonstrated evidence that they can get out of their hippie bed(hammock, sleepingbag, hammock, ground, hammock, tent […]

I just read that the unemployment rate for the USA is 9%.  The default rate on student loans(People who file bankruptcy or fail to ever pay) is 8.8%. The concept is simple.  If you go to college and you get student loans you go to college for something that will get you a job to […]