China’s 3G phone market share.

22.75% – Samsung
11.70% – Coolpad
10.92% – Huawei
10.21% – ZTE
9.28% – Apple
4.14% – Motorola
3.95% – Nokia 
2.82% – HTC 

To be honest the only one that seems out of place to me is Nokia.  But we all know why Nokia has plummeted from the king of cellphones all over the world to the crapshute we have today.  While Samsung, Coolpad, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola and HTC all use Android now Nokia made it their mission to continue using Symbian or Meego for some reason then they adopted Windows Phone 7 for their new Lumia line which are amazing phones on their own but partnered up with a terrible operating system when you need to regain some ground.  Windows Phone 7 on it’s own isn’t as bad as Windows Mobile 6.5 but it’s lacking a lot.  That’s a who different rant which I will not get into.  It is always nice to see Apple place 5th.

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