itsorganic-itsorgasmic: musicalbeing: prettylittlerunner: curvecreation: Just a reminder to women that cellulite isn’t this evil thing that only ‘fat’ people have. Most women, including well known celebrities have cellulite. The term cellulite was started in the 1960’s in a Vogue magazine. Its nothing more than the body storing fat, which practically every person has to some […]

make-the-connection: Meat-eaters be like “When will you start to eat normal food?”like shut up, you eat muscles and flesh and blood from a corpse don’t go there Meat eaters be like what do you get at taco bell?

There is a woman with a chihuahua as a service dog. She has the dog because she was raped. I’m not sure how one of the easiest killed creatures on the planet is a service dog. I learned all this because she refused to go through a security screener and accused the security officer of […]