There is a woman with a chihuahua as a service dog. She has the dog because she was raped. I’m not sure how one of the easiest killed creatures on the planet is a service dog. I learned all this because she refused to go through a security screener and accused the security officer of masturbating to her scan. She claimed to know this because the dog only growls at people that are going to rape her…. Or the employees at Star Bucks, or Hudson News, or tsa security, or large men, or drug sniffing dogs, or the ticket taker, or the small child running around, or when the announcer comes over the loud speaker, or the animal control person that told her to put the dog in its carrier. I learned all this from her talking loud and doing the bitch point and foam while shouting.

I understand rape is terrible but when someone continually accuses people of wanting to rape her is it ego, out right bitch, trauma or a very unbalanced mix of the group?

Does it make things better or worse that she’s watching Ellen on her phone?

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