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I recently applied for a job that did an extremely extensive background history dig.  I found my high school diploma in the process too.  They called every past employer they could find and about 10 friends and even requested access to my facebook and twitter, then complied a report based on the information they gathered.  Here’s some of the stuff from the report.

Describing Your Work Style and Characteristics
Potential employers often ask candidates to describe themselves or their work style. The following information should help you detail your interpersonal and work style in future interviews.

 You are dedicated to achieving results through both independence and team play. When encountering obstacles, you will step back and reevaluate the situation before pressing on.
 You tend to keep up to date in the industry and then apply the lessons you learn to your own organization. Others will see you as up-to-date and perhaps forward thinking.
 Being with others is important to you and in new situations you quickly become acquainted and try to learn what you can about the organization and where it is trying to go.
 When interacting, you are a moderate individual who does not like to push others or force them to do things. If you feel others do not support your decisions or ideas, you likely will take the time to explain your reasoning and build support before proceeding.
 At work, you will be seen as flexible, spontaneous, and potentially impulsive. You value doing things your own way and may push in your own direction to meet your goals.
 You are generally open minded and objective about yourself and can introspectively engage in self-evaluation. You will accept and learn from constructive criticism.

Notes the interviewer accidentally included in the forwarded thread.

#He tends to place about equal weight on form and functionality. This desire to both create something that works and is visually appealing and customer oriented is an important trait of his and it will be important to help him share this motivation with others in the organization.

#He tends to keep up to date in the industry and will apply the lessons he learns to his own organization. Others will see him as perhaps forward thinking and he should be able to focus on the big picture. He likely has solid technical skills which will be attractive to your organization.

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