The Colt Mag

Today I was at my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. A brief background on my uncle is he’s a man’s man. He knows how to fix everything, enjoys all cars and guns. He watches war movies and eats red meat. He has a good sized collection of guns because he enjoys modifying them and going to the range. I’ve never owned a gun until recently because I never wanted to. Everyone else already had plenty to go around. After several lost family members he’s been thinking about what happens to stuff when he’s gone and asked me if I like guns. I told him I like going to the range with him. So to get a little closer with him I bought a Taurus 45 because every man in my family has had a 45. Fast forward to today… Today we are talking at the table and he remembered he found something while cleaning and thought I’d like it. It was a 7 round magazine from a Colt 45. It fit perfectly, no sizing issues or weird angles. My uncle said he was glad it fit and I could use it because Chris(my deceased cousin) got it a long time ago and it never fit any of my uncles gun. It looks great in there with no big base sticking out. I got excited and bought 4 more on eBay of the same style but the original will always be my cousins that I’m borrowing it.

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