฿3 bill

I had a blip of a perfect dream. I was out on a family walk and my wife(in the dream) found some super fluffy flower and wanted to put it in our sons hair but he flipped out and ran off super fast and was staying out of grab range while wiggling and giggling. So I took out my wallet and thumbed through and took out a ฿3 bill(3 baht bill is not actually a thing)which was very colorful and waved it at him. He ran over and took it and stood there looking at calling it cool while his mom turned his buzz cut into a fluffy white poof. I’m sitting on the ground watching the hairstyle evolve, arms behind me. Then she gave him a hug and they flopped to their side and it turned into nap time. Her daughter is laying on her back doodling on the sky with her finger in the air and looks at me and says her mom is putting her on birth control because it will help her monthly girl pains. I look at her and ask this 11 year old… Is that the only reason? You know if there’s anything else going on you can talk to us. She says she knows and awkwardly looks around and we avoid eye contact. Then I look over at her mom who’s on her side napping with her son in her arms as his legs are wiggling as he’s staring ahead but he’s enjoying the cuddle and the ฿3 bill still in his hand while he slowly turned it back and forth as the sun made the glossy bill sparkle.

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