I don’t know why but today I wanted to go by my grandads grave site but it had been moved since the last time I was there. He was cremated so it was just a placard. I contacted the administration to get the new location and they informed me that it had been moved and they couldn’t disclose it to anyone except for approved by the head my my mom’s estate. So that’s great. In 1996 my grandmother passed away and her ashes sat in the hall closet for the next 7 years until my grandad passed away. I do feel bad I wasn’t there for him when he wasn’t well and fading but I only knew after the fact when my mom rubbed in my face he was calling for me hours before he died. The last time I ever saw him was when he and my mom were having one of their battles that required the police to hold them apart because he would have killed her. This time seemed sort of justified though. When my grandmother was young her sister became a nun and moved back to Italy. Before she left she gave my grandmother a prayer book. Obviously they were Catholic. My grandmother kept that book from the 1930 until the day she died. My grandad kept it and read from it every day and would treasure it above all else. The problem with this in my mom’s eyes was she being a southern Baptist apparently meant this Catholic prayer book was pure evil. On the day I was done here’s what I had walked in on. My grandad screaming stop stop stop in a crying raspy voice while stomping his feet in place and pulling his hair panicking and crying. Around my mom on the floor were pages from the prayer book as she was screaming at him that he was a sinner and he was going to hell for using that book while tearing page after page out of it and flinging it in the air and getting in his face. So happy fucking birthday to me right? I called 911 and then took the book from her with minimal force and just being intimidating gave it to my grandad and he dropped to his knees crying and pulling the pages into a pile. When the police showed up my mom told them I was abusing my grandfather and I showed them what I had filmed on my Nokia 6110 because I knew I’d need proof of elderly abuse. Because of this my grandad got put into a retirement home but my mom put me on the not welcome list because she was still his caretaker some how. Years later he passed away and I was told after the fact but I could at least go visit his spot with his name and my grandmothers name side by side finally. Then years later I find out my mom had passed away and I wasn’t allowed to know where her grave was which was fine but I really wish I could have seen my grandparents name on that iron plate one more time.

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