Just take the iPad out of your bag.

I decided to bring my range headphones because they have the noise cancelation stuff in them. I also have TSA Precheck. One of the drones that wander around yelling laptops stay in the bag unless you have more than one. Side story; the agent yelling about laptops was asked “what if you have a laptop and an iPad”.. He was told if you have more than one computer take it out of your bag. He asked two more times and was given the same answer each time. I barked JUST TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR BAG. The guy looks at me and says but it’s not a computer. I asked him if the xray can tell the difference between one thin device with a screen, batteries and a bunch of little technology it it? He says but it’s not a computer. So he got held with 3 kids for additional bag searching.. ANYWAYS MAIN STORY; The same TSA geek that was going on about 2 computers was behind the xray thing when I went thru and my range headphones and phone and passport came out on the belt and he goes arent those.. I said yeah and picked them up. He says you’d don’t have a…. I say nope. One of the kids with the guy getting screened starts losing his shit because he wants his iPad. I put on my big ass headphones and smile. TSA guy gives me a thumbs up.

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