Pacific Rim

Kojima Yoshiyuki

watched pacific rim
Super PJ

Yeah, and?
Kojima Yoshiyuki

it was good
I loved it
it was kind of campy
but it worked
it was kind of tropy
Super PJ

Explain the British guy that was a direct rip of Ron Howards role on theres something about marry
Kojima Yoshiyuki

i havent seen something about marry in like 10 years :<
Super PJ

Explain how they are connected to the point of seeing memories but still need to yell commands and actions
Kojima Yoshiyuki

dont know
Super PJ

Explain how 1 brain isn’t enough but they take 2 brains and only use half and half. They showed a diagram.
Kojima Yoshiyuki

wow never watch starwars pj
youd hate it
They are just dumb. Maybe add a resistance thing to the robots neural feedback instead of creating mind melding technology.
And star wars is awesome.
Han shot first.

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