NBA JAM beer pong rules

Player makes a shot two turns in a row they call “heating up” make a shot their 3 turn they call “he’s on fire!” And they keep shooting till they miss.

Other team can heckle but only NBA JAM quotes: from downtown, ugly shot, TERRIBLE SHOT!

If a shot knocks over a cup(shatters the backboard) every one must make glass breaking sounds, last one to make the sound must drink.

If you goal tend(swat toss before it touches a cup) you and your team mate must drink.

If a shot is made from twice the length of the table you and your team mate must drink.

Standard edition is played with quarter cups.
Tournament edition is played with half cups.
If all players were born before 1986 then the game is called Arch Rivals and played with 10%+ beer or liquor.

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