Yoshinoya order tweaking…

One of the overlooked fun aspects of Yoshinoya is the ability to customize your order. Much like BurgerKing you can have it your way, there’s a Yoshinoya-specific lingo that will let you tweak your order.  Seriously, Yoshinoya is like the Starbucks of Beefbowls.

Tsuyudaku – More gravy

Tsuyudakudaku – Even more gravy

Tsuyunuki – No gravy

Negidaku – Extra onions

Atama no Omori – Extra-large helping of meat

Atama no Tokumori – Super-large helping of meat

Atama no tokumori kudasai!


Nikushita – Toppings on the bottom, rice on top

Tsumeshiro – Cooler rice

Atsushiro – Hot, freshly cooked rice

Torodaku – Fattier meat

Toronuki – No meat fat(Healthy option!)

Oyuwari – Diluted miso soup

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