3DS Homebrew Channel imminent ⊟

French coder Smealum is preparing to release a 3DS Homebrew Channel hack for 3DSes soon! Here’s why this project is awesome:

  • It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
  • This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew applications and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
  • It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
  • While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says "playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible" — I expect this will be with imported cartridges, not ROMs

Presumably you’ll need a homebrew device to patch your system once Smealum releases the hack (although I’m also hearing that this might be possible to load with just an SD card?). Credit to @gemesisDev for the photo.

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