Steak day 24/04/2015

Bad weather hit in the middle of rebuilding a raid array. No sign of David. That’s fine, I’ll go for a drive.

Go outside to get in car, branch falls and hits the car. That’s fine, take branch off thought metal car and drive through the flood.

Driving down the road to grocery store and fire truck passes me cause shit happening. That’s fine, get to grocery store and fire truck is there because a slipped and fell and there’s blood everywhere.

Go around bloody mess and go to freezer section where power is out. Meat is on sale. $3 steak. Try to check out but only one register works and you a cash only. That’s fine, manager remembers that I bought someone’s groceries a few weeks ago and I get free steak.

Go outside, pass the bloody mess, branch on hood of car. That’s fine, drive away with it on then it rolls off when I stop. Drive the home, through flooded street, splash kids playing in the water. Go outback and cook steak with Old Bay and enjoy chocolate milk while listening to the rain and Guadeloupe Plata on Spotify.

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