Remember when the Jacksonville Landing was a safe place? Kind of safe anyways. So.. Back down frustrating memory lane around 1993 there was a party with a costume contest at the Landing and I wanted to go. I had no idea what to be so I decided to be a rock star. I went through a bin in my mom’s room and I found one of my dad’s old jackets from the 1979 Wold Disaster Tour and with a Budweiser hat, a yellow pompom for Rockstar hair and toy guitar from Dupont Middle schools lost and found I went to the Landing and everywhere people were yelling and cheering when they saw the jacket. My mom hated it I loved it and I didn’t win but the MC made sure I showed off the jacket on stage and was floored when he asked me if I knew who Molly Hatchet was and I revealed who I was the son of. A lot of adults offered 12 year old me alcohol and weed that night.

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