Recently I had a few job interviews,1 in person and 2 over the phone.  They gave me crap about the formatting of my resume to which the admitted it did stand out from all the others just because I use [brackets], CAPS and blue(shows up as a mild grey on B&W printers) to easily identify information.  They also gave me a hard time about being a show off.  I asked 2 of them directly “Isn’t it my job right now to sell you on how excellent I am?”.  

I got offered 2 of the 3 jobs but I’m not sure why a company expects someone with 3-5 years experience with Virtual Systems, Firewall configuring, Sharepoint configuring, mobile device support including BlackBerry, trouble shooting knowledge for Windows, Linux (Both Ubuntu and Red Hat) and Mac to work for $35,000 a year.

Oh well, I’m happy at my job anyways, I was just feeling the waters.

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