Office 365 support.

Request: this thing is broken, please fix it really quickly.

Microsoft: I am emailing you to let you know my self and these other 5 people will be involved and our supervisor is this other guy. I will call you to discuss your issue soon.

Microsoft calls: I am calling you about your issue, I am going to talk about a lot of other things also and not be able to solve the issue because I am not the one to do that but I will have a smarter person look into it and call you back even though you specifically said don’t call, just fix it.

Microsoft calls again: I am calling you to let you know that our team was able to resolve the issue and I would like to talk about how we fixed something that you will never be able to access because it was on our side but I want to tell you anyway and have you discuss things with my manager too who I will awkwardly place on the call like how your grandfather puts your weird aunt on the line on holidays that you didn’t want to talk to at all but you must be nice or we will call back to discuss the case further over and over and send reminder emails that the case has not been closed until you discuss the issue with your aunt.

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