Learn the drill…

Step 1: Gas on, choke on if the bike is cold, get in position on your bike and pull the compression release and kick (easy) the starter through to the bottom. Hold.

Step2: Release your comp release and allow the kick pedal to come up to about half way, horizontal to the bike.

Step 3: From this position and allowing the kick lever to return no further than half way/horizontal, kick the bike over easy until you reach full compression stroke, the resistence from the engine makes it impossible for you to kick it through. When you reach this point, pull the compression release and take the kick lever to bottom, release the comp release and allow the kick lever to go up only half way/horizontal and…

Step 4: Kick that sucker with authority!

If the bike is in good tune, it should start in 1 to 3 kicks. Do the drill for ALL kicks.

I FORGOT TO MENTION: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU OPEN THE THROTTLE UNTIL THE BIKE FIRES! then “feather it” for a few seconds until the bike catches fully and is running strong. If necessary, put your right hand in your pocket or sit on it!

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