Last night I got the Dodge back.  Yay!  I think it missed me.  What would make me think that you wonder?  Well the radio got stolen, none of the instruments work any more and my friend said it ran like crap but it over took everything on the interstate for the drive home.  

When I got into the Dodge I was happy and missed it.  I gripped the wheel and pushed the start button and it roared to life.  With Lego still all over the floor boards and wires everywhere it seemed normal. I plugged in my phone to get some Beastie Boys going for the ride home.  Reached for the radio to turn it on but nope, twisted metal and wires dangling where my radio once was.  Very next thought before the following heart beat?  Yay Dodge! It’s just a radio that was wired in poorly and it was sitting in Springfield for 2 months.

Now the instruments.  Most didn’t work anyways but the tach and oil pressure worked and the temp sensor and gas kinda worked.  Within the first mile I started to think I had low oil pressure then I looked at the other gauges and realized I’m sitting at 0rpms, no gas, no oil and an ice cold engine.  But the lights were on!  Then I get about 5 miles out and my tach is slowly trying to climb up, I have oil pressure again and half a tank of gas.  In a fit of joy I dropped a gear and punched it but the tach just slowly crawled up like it didn’t have a care in the world.  So I poked it a few times and it just wiggled.  Then when I got close to home I once again had no instruments.  Normally they aren’t even in there except for oil pressure so no big deal except I gave away my TomTom.

On another note lately the Dodge has had a thing of it you punch it from first to second it will dump a ton of black smoke.  Any ideas?

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