Just another day

Woke up face down on my uncharged mobile phone.
Went to Lowes and bought some nice planks to put on top of a broken glass table I found.
Discovered one of my push button hood pins on the Dodge don’t work right, the fun way.
Bought bright green tie down straps for the Dodge.
Verbally assaulted another human because he was coughing and touching all the power tool models.
Reported him to the manager who took it very seriously.
Sanded said wood and finished the table.
Reloaded my burner laptop.
Organized my cable crates.
Had a Zoom call on burner laptop with yet another solar company.
Signed an agreement for a solar power system for the house.
Reloaded my burner laptop.
Ate pizza rolls.
Added gravel to where the gutter dumps water.
I want Olive Garden.

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