“I initially thought that it would be very hard to get a job, but, in fact, it was easy. I simply applied and passed the physical exam and the face-to-face interview. They had almost no requirements at all …”

“You stay in the factory twelve hours a day—ten hours in the workshop, two hours for lunch and dinner. The work was repetitive and boring …”

“Your relationship with your bosses is just about work. If we see each other outside the factory, without our uniforms, we probably wouldn’t recognize each other …”

“The living environment is about on par with one of your worse university dorm rooms …”

“Many of the products in this world actually have nothing to do with the workers who made them. To most of the workers there, Apple was just a name, a logo …”

“Foxconn didn’t know I was making art. I don’t have anything to say to them. I will never go back to the factory to work …”

The New Yorker

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