I heard you guys have a hard time understanding why Macs are better than pc. Here’s a few tips

– Macs give you the ability to run OS X and Windows both (legally).

– Macs work great with other Apple components such as the iPhone, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, etc…

– Macs are very simple to use.

– Macs are less prone to computer viruses, although they can get viruses.

– Purchasing a Mac gives you Apple Store support.

– Apple uses quality parts to manufacture Macs.

– Macs are trendsetting, designed well, and visually appealing.

– Macs come with better software, out of the box (iLife).

– Macs give you out of the box access to the iTunes Store, if you are an iPod or iPhone user.

– Out of the box, Macs are not loaded with trials and additional software.

– Apple has top of the line phone support.

Nick the Mac Bro

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