Couch surfing isn’t safe

When I lived in Texas I was a couch surfing host.  I left close to 50 people crash on my sofa that were passing through on I-10.  That means I had almost 50 reviews, all of them positive.  Then later when I was roaming the country and needed a place to crash here and there just for a night my account full of positive reviews kept getting declines.  As a guy I leaned toward asking guys for a place to crash. Out of the dozens of requests all across the country I got declined almost every time. Not a good time, out of town or no response at all.  The only times I was approved were at group homes full of people already.  So I had a plan.  I would send a request for a place to crash as me.  Declined.  Sent a request to the same guy from a profile with a cute girl.  Exact same message, got accepted.  Show up and try to play it like they sent me the message and physically got pushed away from people’s homes because it wasn’t a young girl looking for a place to sleep for a night.  So fuck you Couch Surfing. 

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