Can you believe it!? The critically acclaimed, fan favorite, certified stinky Super NES classic EarthBound is ON SALE in the North American Wii U eShop! This is a limited time deal, and a once in a lifetime chance to add this gem to your digital entertainment collection.

Rabid fans have been known to spend hundreds of dollars for the pleasure of owning their very own copy. Why part with so much of your hard-earned dough when you can have the same experience for a mere fraction of the cost!

Would you pay $800 for this game? How about $600? $400 smack-a-roos? Does $200 sound like a real bargain. Well sit back, because I’m about to blow your socks off!


This smokin’ hot deal is part of the third week of @nintendo’s Winter Warm-Up Sale in the Wii U eShop. The game normally sells for $9.99 (because it’s just that good), but you can get it for this bargain price until February 4th. Tell your neighbors. Tell your mailman. Write your pen pal!

BUT WAIT! There’s more. This digital copy of EarthBound comes with a 100% free, no strings attached, copy of the original Player’s Guide straight from the Pros at Nintendo Power! WHOA!! You can take a peek right here, on this handy website Nintendo made for the Wii U Virtual Console release of the game. (Even if you don’t buy the game, you can still look at the digital guide to your heart’s content. Maybe it’ll even give that extra nudge you need to get this great game. Did I mention it’s a great game!!)

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