Lady outside Gate Gas station tried to sell me weed. I told her no thanks. She started being persistent. I told her to go away. She started to walk toward my car and I blocked her path and pulled out my phone to call the cops because I don’t want to be on my own and have it be my word against hers. Cops are on the phone now. She tries to get stuff out of her bag. I grab the bag and throw it into the street and tell her to do us all a favor and cut your wrists in a gutter. Her attitude changes and is extremely serious and tells me not to talk to her like that or she’ll have me arrested. I tell her if she tries anything with me I will run her down with my car and only feel bad about wasting water to wash her blood off my bumper. Officer shows up. Women was undercover trying to sell to people and cop tells me he heard everything over her mic and he could take me to jail for anything he wants. I hold up phone and ask dispatcher if she’s still there and heard all that. She asks me for the officers name. I give her the location send his car number. I was free to go.

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