It’s going to be weird knowing my kids will never: 

– Know what the honeycomb craver is

– Hear the familiar clank of a bag of crazybones

– The taste of the waxy chocolate of a wonderball

– Realize that no team will ever win Olmec’s temple challenge.

– Own a giant rubber street sharks action figure

– Will never know who Freiza is

– Will never smell a brand new pack of yu-gi-oh cards.

– Will never put a digimon card in the spokes of a bike to make it sound like a motorcycle.

– will never log into little howies math world

– will never see an episode of all that

– or keenan and kel

– will never know how to finish the sentence “welcome to good burger….”

– Or know the sadness of watching a gigapet die.

– Will never know a kid with 4 pieces of exodia. Or what a blue eyes white dragon is.

– Never know the taste of waffle crisp.

– Or french toast crunch

– Or the smell of brand new bionicle. He’ll never lose the mask on the playground, and beg his mom to buy a mask pack.

– The words “swat cats” means nothing to him.

– Tom from toonami is just a .gif of a poorly animated robot and nothing more.

– Will ask “what the fuck is the amanda show?”

– and think drake and josh were famous for their own self titled show.

– will never watch an episode of double dare 2000.

– Has never been “are you afraid of the dark?”

– will never own a copy of “aaron carter’s come and get it”

– Will never watch the Butt Ugly Martians enter BKM.

– Or watch Ren eat a bar of soap in front of Stimpy.

– Frankie Muinez is just a guy to them.

– “whats a skeletor?”

– will never take a ride on the magic school bus

– will never hold a dark magician card.

– R.L. Stein is just a name to them.


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