My dang 48 core host doesn’t support virtualization on VirtualBox

I learned the hard way that my Dell PowerEdge R910 with 48 cores and 256 gigs of ram doesn’t support VT-x… It runs Ubuntu Server 18.04 currently and I decided to put Virtual Box on it because that has the easiest work around to get virtualization going on an unsupported processor. Virtualization is enabled in […]

Enable Free/Busy information between the Office 365 users from two different tenants, when the Autodiscover of one of them is pointing On-Premise

Use this when you and your friendly companies both on Office 365 want to share free/busy information for better meeting scheduling. PowerShell method at the bottom. On the cool tenant From the Office 365 admin center dashboard, go to Admin > Exchange. Go to Organization > Sharing. Under Organization Sharing, click New . In New […]