Too polite to rob

This morning I went on my recently developed Sunday routine. This is destroy a bit of my yard, fly down Arlington Expressway, through downtown to San Marco and go to Tropical Smoothie for a smoothie and buffalo chicken something. This time it’s crowded, parking lot is mostly full. I back into a spot and a guy came up to me and asked me if I knew of any work he could do to make a few bucks for the day. I told him I didn’t then suggested a few places in the area he might be able to try and he went into his life story about hard times and if he could do anything for me, wash my truck even… So this is a trend of people wanting to wash my truck… I told him I didn’t have any work for him but I could treat him to lunch and pointed at the restaurant. He was terrified to go inside because there were cops, evident by the patrol car I was across from. I told him don’t worry about it, we’re just 2 guys grabbing semi healthy food to go and introduced myself and shook his hand. We went in and he had many questions about the menu and ended up getting a chicken breakfast wrap and a watermelon shake. We sat around and waited together and he told me about the places he’d been applying and got really nervous when the cops got up to leave. When we got outside the cops were looking at my truck and I talked to them about it for a few then we got in and left. When we pulled away I told him he seemed super nervous and asked if he was ok. He told me he just doesn’t like them and I left it at that. I offered him a ride anywhere he needed to go. He said the Scottish Inn on Philips Highway and I said sure, just there or anywhere else in between? Then it started to rain a little and I told him about how my trucks wipers and the drivers window doesn’t work but his side does. Then he’s just quiet the rest of the drive which was less than 3 minutes. When we pull up he gets out and tells me he was looking for someone to rob because he really needed the money and shows me a revolver he’s had in his belt the entire time. So there he is with a small gun in one hand and a Tropical Smoothie bag in the other and eyes filling with tears. I told him if he wants my wallet he can have it or at least the cash inside because I still think I’m going to have that gun pointed at me any moment. Instead he tells me to leave and says he’s sorry, he can’t do that to someone now and storms off away from the hotel. So I left but not in a hurry, just a slow chill drive home thinking about what happened, how it could have gone very differently and who’s important to me.

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