Strike 1

So there’s a mistake I made in 2014. I ‘m not good at drawing out a statement and I tend to jump around when speaking so I need to write this out.  I made a big mistake. It was sort of rational though because I have always wanted to live in Japan.  I had a special girl in my life. I wasn’t going to go to bars to meet people.  Instead I’d used the same site I was looking for used cars on,  I made a profile and she clicked on me.  We met a Chili’s on I-10 in Beaumont one day for lunch.  She the one in scrubs.  I was probably wearing a green t-shirt. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. We hit it off and talked often. We started getting lunches often, some times breakfast.  I’d pick her up in my Mazda with AC or if it was a nice enough day with my truck and she never seemed to mind it. Within a few weeks she told me she loved me when we were on our way to lunch on 11th street and I really did care about her but when it came down to it I wasn’t completely head over heals in love with her like she was with me. I should have seen the signs too. She often came over to say hi, we got lunch all the time. Dinners weren’t as common, but every time she ever cooked it was the best thing ever.  Mac and cheese, chicken and rice, simple sandwiches, things I don’t know the name of but were full of meat and sauce and some veggies and I loved them.  She looked up a recipe for gyudon because of how obsessed with Japan I was and it was the greatest beef bowl I’d ever had. She would always make extra so I’d steal food from her plate.  She didn’t mind.  We went to Olive garden and she went nuts for some bread sticks and she didn’t care that I blow bubbles in my tea. One time we went to her dad’s house for a gathering and he has an awesome pool. She looks super cute in a swim suit and has long beautiful hair so she looks like a mermaid under water. She made me a sandwich and I was so happy but I had my goals and didn’t know what I’d be missing. We did a lot more than eat but I’m a fat guy and I love food and the table is when you can really sit down and spend time with someone.  No errands to run, walking and talking while doing things, no distractions.  We didn’t get to go on many dates because evening time was limited with her amazing kids.  We would hang out and watch House Hunters and make fun of people and their life choices.  We could talk for hours about anything and everything and we did because she was becoming my best friend.  I liked her point of views on the world and she liked mine.  She made me little things to show she cared. She made me 3.5 diskette disks with felt on the bottom to have coasters finally because my coffee table didn’t have any. They are still ok my coffee table wherever I have lived since. She’s a good parent and raised her kids right.  Her daughter would dart back and forth across her living room that gave me some anxiety but I’d never ask her to stop cause that was her thing to do. When it came time to go I started giving all my things away and she was such an amazing woman and she took my kitties for me and gave them an awesome life. Her daughter is the cat whisperer and could get the kitties to come over and say hello without effort. She even kept the Dodge for me until it had to be towed away and destroyed. But I had my dreams and didn’t want to wait so I went to Japan and kept in touch with her a little but not as much as I should have.  Strike 1.

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